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      Your Most Important Tool For DIY Is A Workwear Coverall!

      Your Most Important Tool For DIY Is A Workwear Coverall!

      Protective Clothing Will Keep You Safe

      Kolossus protective clothing is produced to the highest standard to keep you safe from wood dust, chemicals, garden debris, paint, and anything else you use in the process of your DIY. Pull one on over your clothing for easy protection while smashing out a DIY project in the evenings, or wear them on their own.

      Having Fun With Woodwork DIY

      Whether you’re a spring chicken to woodwork or have a wooden thumb, woodwork is a wonderful hobby and way to relax, challenge yourself, and create something tangible that you can use around the house. From sawdust to staining, it’s a messy job, too. A well-sealed workwear coverall will keep the dust out and protect you from getting your clothes damaged, so that you can work without stressing about the mess.

      Are You Busy With A Paint Job?

      Painting your dream home, the rocking horse you just made, or even a bedroom cabinet can be risky. Making a space or item your own is a wonderful part of the home decorating process, but the clean-up is the lesser fun part. Take the stress out of the entire paint job with a pair of workwear coveralls that are made to get full of paint.

      We know how satisfying it is to get stuck into a DIY project. That’s why we want you to do so safely and mess-free with protective clothing that has your back (and front). Check out our workwear coveralls with both long and short sleeves for every DIY project.

      Make Murals As Public Art

      Make Murals As Public Art

      Public murals are the “art of the people” because they make art accessible to everyone. Most public murals carry messages that are important to the community in which they’re found, often containing inspirational or touching scenes that uplift people on a daily basis.

      Murals can be painted on many different materials, including canvas, cement, brick walls, art boards, or wood, and for each material the paint needs to be applied differently. Today, murals are mostly painted using oil or water-based media.

      If you plan on painting a wall yourself, these are the steps you should follow:

      Step 1: Clean the wall and apply a coat of primer.

      Step 2:
      Draw your mural design using the grid method, with a grid on the design and a matching one on the wall to trace it accurately.

      Step 3:
      Use quality acrylic mural paints with a matte finish.

      Step 4:
      Apply a final coat of protective clear varnish.

      Our durable coveralls are perfect for this kind of outdoor, hands-on fun! We have long-sleeved and short-sleeved options to keep you comfortable throughout the process!

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