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      News — Christmas

      Best Practices During Christmas

      Best Practices During Christmas

      How Safety, A Good Environment, and Strong Company Culture Can Affect Employees

      Despite the craziness associated with their Black Friday sales every year, Best Buy has been ranked by Glassdoor as the 1# place to work for over the holiday season. Here are some reasons why:

      1. A Good Company Culture

      The importance of a good company culture that takes all employees into account (and trains its eaders to support their teams) cannot be ignored.

      2. Career Opportunities

      Nearly half of Best Buy store general managers start out as part-time or seasonal workers. Having opportunities for growth makes those workers come back again to climb the ranks.

      3. High Quality Safety Gear

      When employees feel safe and have the gear that they need to complete their work, job satisfaction and results go up. This includes heavy-duty gear like overalls for those in the warehouse, but it also means providing effective masks and other PPE.

      4. A Good Environment

      Paid time off and encouraging a great workplace environment will give employees the energy they need to bring their best to work every day.

      At Kolossus, we believe that everyone in the demanding industry of construction, ship workers, warehouse workers, welders, and more should have access to high quality safety gear that fits well and values function. Our coveralls are not only protective, but comfortable, and our high vis gear has all the pockets you need to do your job effectively. We want to contribute to your workplace best practices all year long – so discover our product here today.

      DIY Christmas Gifts

      DIY Christmas Gifts

      Thoughtful Presents You Can Make With Your Hands This Festive Season

      It can be incredibly meaningful to give someone a handmade gift, especially when you know exactly what will tickle them pink (or whatever their favorite color is). Here are some of our favorite ideas:

      Gifts to Challenge the Mind: Whether you’re an amateur welder or a pro, something that everyone loves is a good brain teaser. You can use 2 horseshoes and some chain links to make a classic horseshoe puzzle, or craft something more intricate for a DIY Christmas Gift they’ll always remember!

      A Gift For the Host or Hostess in Your Life: Make a wooden chopping board or beautiful serving tray that’s ideal for the holiday season. You can shape and design it to be entirely unique, or even brand a message on the back.

      For The Would-Be Truckers: Fashion a semi-truck out of cardboard for a young would-be trucker, or even an adult! The truck can be gifted as a blank canvas to paint in their own designs, or you could even paint it yourself. 

      No matter what you choose to do this holiday season, we want you to be safe and start the new year with the energy you need to have a wonderful year. Whether its in high visibility vests or in our comfortable yet stylish work overalls, our protective workwear is designed with your safety in mind.

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