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      News — Construction

      The Funniest Roadworker Puns To Share While At Work

      The Funniest Roadworker Puns To Share While At Work

      Looking for Some Humor While Fixing The Road? We’ve Got You!

      Roadworkers are a vital part of our society. If you’re one, or you know one, why not share these puns to add some lighthearted laughter to the serious business of repairing roads? Also, never forget that anyone working next to a road should wear a safety reflective vest to keep them safe from vehicles. But for now, let’s get punny…

      1: Something To Poke Fun at Signs

      Question: Ever seen those ‘End Road Work. Thank You.’ signs?

      Answer: For years, I thought they were put up by polite anarchist protestors.

      2: A Bar Walks onto A Construction Site…

      No. This joke goes…

      Ever hear about the construction worker who took up a job in a bar rather than doing roadwork?

      He’s a tar-tender now.

      3: Punny: My boss left work and said he was going to ‘hit the road’. I said, ‘don’t hurt your hand’!

      All jokes aside, we at Kolossus take workwear seriously. Very seriously. One of the most important pieces of gear a roadworker can wear is a reflective vest. The neon colors and reflective strips have been scientifically proven to catch motorists’ eyes and make them more cautious.

      Especially when working early in the morning or after dark, roadworkers need motorists to be aware that they’re there. That’s why our reflective gear comes in multiple options! We’ve got everything from a comfortable long-sleeved top, to a vest with handy pockets for cell phones, notebooks, and even a sneaky sandwich – all at affordable prices.

      Cities with the most improvement in Construction in Recent Years

      Cities with the most improvement in Construction in Recent Years

      The Best Places to Find Construction Jobs After COVID-19

      Construction workers have long been – and continue to be – in high demand in the U.S. And while current employment is still below the peak level of February 2020, the industry continues to grow. Here are the top four best places to find construction jobs in 2022.

      New York: After the lockdown, New York City accounted for more than half of the country’s construction job losses, but it has rebounded since restrictions started lifting. New York City remains one of the number one cities to find construction jobs in the United States.

      California: Cali, especially San Francisco, is one of the best places to work in construction in 2022. It has one of the highest hourly rates for construction workers and the highest vacancies nationwide.

      Houston: Houston has a growing real estate market, making construction workers a highly indemand resource.

      Chicago: The Chicago Metro area also ranks highly as a city where construction work is indemand, and the cost of living compared to one’s salary makes for a comfortable life.

      As a durable workwear brand, Kolossus Workwear’s purpose is invested in the wellbeing of the salt-of-the-earth people who keep the country running: Construction workers. We achieve this by equipping construction workers with workwear that is protective, comfortable, and functional to boot. From coveralls to reflective vests, we’ve got everything you need.

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