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      News — funfacts

      The Epic History of Cargo Pants

      The Epic History of Cargo Pants

      Despite all the controversy surrounding cargo pants – are they or aren’t they acceptably stylish? No one can deny that cargo pants are the reigning champion in terms of comfort. But where do they come from? We thought that fellow cargo-lovers would enjoy learning about the origins of this revolutionary development in fashion.

      Cargo pants date back to 1938 when they were worn by British military personnel. They formed part of their Battle Dress Uniform, featuring one pocket on the side by the thigh, and another at the front by the hip. Side pockets were initially included for paratroopers who had to have ammunition and radio on hand. Quite the badass history for pants that now seem quite commonplace.

      With a starting point in the military, cargo pants showed up again in the 1990s when they became popular thanks to being worn by urban hip-hop performers. This made cargo pants appealing to mainstream markets that suddenly stocked cargo pants in all the well-known stores for men and women. And this gave rise to an explosion of cargo variations – in softer fabrics and colors, such as silk. Cargo quickly pants came to dominate the 90s.

      While they may not be as popular as they were then, cargo pants still feature in most stores because they are both comfortable and functional. For men with physically demanding jobs, cargo pants offer everything you need. They look professional, wear well, and have useful pockets that really come in handy.

      At Kolossus Workwear, we stock cargo pants in several designs to meet the needs of working men. You can choose from our selection by clicking here and start wearing comfort and utility at the same time!

      The Long And The Short Of It: 5 Little Known Facts About Trucking

      The Long And The Short Of It: 5 Little Known Facts About Trucking

      Trucking may seem like a boring industry, but consider this – thanks to the trucking industry, you enjoy the abundance and variety to lead a quality life. So, in celebration of truckers and the demanding jobs they do, we wanted to let you in on some fun facts about the industry.

      1. Trucking To The Moon – Did you know that if you lined up all the trucks in the US, they would reach the moon? Pretty impressive!

      2. The Origin Story Of Trucking – Charles Freuhauf was a German-American blacksmith who needed to transport his he invented the first tractor trailer back in 1914!

      3. Going Green – Thanks to EPA regulations, the environment is enjoying a 95% cut in emissions from heavy trucks.

      4. On The Road – Truckers genuinely live on the road as they spend more than 240 nights of the year traveling in their trucks.

      5. Slow And Steady – For a truck to come to a stop when they’re traveling 65 MPH, they need 525 feet which is the length of 3 football fields. Comparatively, a car only needs 316 feet. This explains why trucking is so dangerous!

      At Kolossus Workwear, we carry long and short-sleeved work shirts that are perfect for truckers who need clothing that is of good quality and durable enough to handle daily wear and tear. We also stock high visibility workwear that adds to your safety if you’re traveling on roads and need to be visible when you get out!

      Attention, Sharp Shooters: 3 Paintball Facts You Won’t Believe

      Attention, Sharp Shooters: 3 Paintball Facts You Won’t Believe

      Paintball is a game of a different breed. It’s rough, it’s fast, and it’s the most colorful way to shoot your friends in the chest. Here are some facts you might not have known about your favorite game:

      No Time to Dye

      Paintball dye not only leaves bright evidence of a day well spent, but it also might stain your lighter clothes for much longer than you’d like. Instead of spending your Saturday at the laundromat, protect your clothes with coveralls.

      Older Than You’d Think

      Did you know that the game of paintball was invented in the ‘70s by Daisy and Crosma – making it more than 50 years old? Although, back then it was a little different. Check out the next tip to see why.

      Get Down, Ya Filthy Animals

      Paintball guns were originally used by foresters to mark trees and animals from a distance thanks to their visibility and accuracy over longer distances.

      If you’re ready to shoot in coveralls that are as tough as you are, then check them out here and get your very own pair.

      Auto Overhauling Hacks for Mechanics: Fun Facts You Need to Know

      Auto Overhauling Hacks for Mechanics: Fun Facts You Need to Know

      We heard from some of the best mechanics in the industry, and when it comes to auto overhauling hacking, here’s what they had to say:

      #1: Grab a Coke

      Coca-Cola is a favorite amongst mechanics – and not just for hydrating. The beverage’s high acidity levels and corrosive action target rust head-on – perfect for almost any vehicle’s exterior.

      #2: Use Washing Soda for Fabric Seats

      This common household staple easily and effectively lifts stubborn stains from fabric seats in cars. Simply mix with a little water and dishwashing liquid, and you’re golden.

      #3: Scrub Headlights With Toothpaste

      Headlights bear a lot of brunt on the road, collecting dirt and grime every time you ride. Thankfully, a little whitening toothpaste brushes dirt right off.

      #4: Add Shine with Hair Conditioner

      Instead of splurging on costly materials to keep your car shining, try hair conditioner. It works wonders.

      #5: Plunge Dents Out

      There’s no need to over-spend – money or energy wise – on dents. Grab a plunger and suction the dent out with minimal effort or time required.

      Got an auto overhauling project coming up? Our customers and friends love wearing our short- sleeve coverall, whether they’re brushing off grime, adding shine, or plunging out dents.

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