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      News — High Visibility

      Why High Visibility Matters

      Why High Visibility Matters

      3 Facts Road Builders Need to Know About

      Did you know that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most fatal occupational injuries at road construction sites are caused by workers being struck by mobile equipment or vehicles? While there’s plenty that factors into this grim statistic, there are three simple ways to prevent tragedy before it strikes.

      #1: Stay Vigilant

      Always look before making any move – even if it’s taking a few steps to one side. Pay close attention to any potential hazards around you at all times, and monitor movement. Try to stand in a space with an unobstructed view of potential hazards, and remember – every road worker is responsible for collectively ensuring that all traffic channeling devices are placed appropriately.

      #2: Slam the Breaks

      Parking breaks must be applied to all equipment. While it might sound obvious, make sure you never stand below any suspended equipment like booms, arms, or buckets. In these areas, it’s crucial to be particularly vigilant.

      #3: High Visibility Clothing

      Road workers are a lot less likely to be struck if they can be seen from afar – and that’s where high-visibility clothing comes in. In fact, many Federal U.S. Government agencies mandate the use of high-visibility clothing on specific construction sites. 

      Ultimately, while you can’t control the careless actions of others, you can – to a large extent – take control of your own safety and well-being. Kolossus Workwear’s High Visibility Clothing Collection makes sure you’re seen from every angle, avoiding disaster before it has a chance to strike.

      Aviation Safety in the 21st Century

      Aviation Safety in the 21st Century

      What Aircraft Maintenance Crews Need to Know

      While aviation crew vests have long been crucial in the aviation industry, safety regulations are always changing. Here are five safety vest regulation mandates you need to know if you’re an aircraft mechanic.

      1: They Need to Be Reflective

      Reflective safety vests must be worn at all times on airport ground. Anyone found without one will be fined or asked to leave. Is it worth the risk?

      2: They Must be Worn by Everyone, at All Times

      From baggage loaders to tug drivers to mechanics, anyone who works at a major airport must be wearing their reflective safety vest day and night.

      3: They Need to Comply with ANSI 107-1999 Standards

      From breathable fluorescent polyester fabric to high-visibility 2” reflective tape on the front and back, aircraft personnel can’t just wear any safety vest. They need a compliant one designed to mitigate worker hazards.

      Looking Ahead

      Safety isn’t negotiable. To stay safe and compliant on the job, choose the coverall company trusted by the best aircraft companies and mechanics in the industry.

      Two-Tyred of Not Being Seen While Cycling? The Hi Vis Biz is here to help

      Two-Tyred of Not Being Seen While Cycling? The Hi Vis Biz is here to help


      Cycling can quickly become a dangerous hobby when motorists don’t pay attention. Well, we have ways and means of making drivers take note – thanks to high-visibility wear that commands attention wherever you go.

      Clinking A Glass to High Visibility

      Did you know that hi-vis reflective tape is made using glass beads? These beads reflect brightly when light is shined on them – whether it’s from the sun on a hot day, or a driver sharing the road with you.

      Saving A Life in Three Seconds

      Research shows that drivers tend to see hi-vis gear three seconds sooner than any other type of clothing, particularly when driving at night. Those three short seconds could make all the difference when it comes to staying safe, alert, and visible on the roads.

      Safety Is Stylish

      You don’t need to shop at a cycling store to get hi-vis cycling gear. Brands like Kolossus Workwear create safety clothing that works as well in construction as it does on top of a Norco.

      Stay safe, stay fast, and stay visible with Kolossus’s high-visibility wear! 

      Night Vision Attire: Why You Need Hi-Vis for Low-Light Conditions

      Night Vision Attire: Why You Need Hi-Vis for Low-Light Conditions

      High-visibility attire, or Hi-Vi for short, is essential for night workers’ safety. Whether you work in the electrical, industrial, construction, or utility field, Hi-Vis are crucial for low-light conditions for several reasons. Here are a few things night workers should know.

      #1: People Can See You Clearly
      This one might seem obvious, but it’s so important to alert fellow equipment operators and drivers of your location. This is particularly important in hazardous locations like roadways or dark areas where drivers might not see you.

      #2: Hi-Vis Prevent Injuries
      If people can’t see you, there’s no reason for them to slow down or cease operation. Hi-Vi clothing creates a stark contrast between your body and your surroundings, which is, in most cases, impossible to miss.

      #3: Yellow and Orange are Best
      According to The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the three most acceptable colors for hi-vi clothing include orange, red, and fluorescent lime, as these offer high visibility in daylight and after hours.

      When it comes to high-visibility apparel, Kolossus Workwear knows best. We stock a wide range of high-quality vests, coveralls, pants, and more, each engineered to keep you safe on the job. Click here to explore our range today, and as always, we welcome you to keep the conversation going.

      Feel free to share your thoughts on the importance of hi-vis in low-light conditions, and what your preferences are in quality and design.

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