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      Cities with the most improvement in Construction in Recent Years

      Cities with the most improvement in Construction in Recent Years

      The Best Places to Find Construction Jobs After COVID-19

      Construction workers have long been – and continue to be – in high demand in the U.S. And while current employment is still below the peak level of February 2020, the industry continues to grow. Here are the top four best places to find construction jobs in 2022.

      New York: After the lockdown, New York City accounted for more than half of the country’s construction job losses, but it has rebounded since restrictions started lifting. New York City remains one of the number one cities to find construction jobs in the United States.

      California: Cali, especially San Francisco, is one of the best places to work in construction in 2022. It has one of the highest hourly rates for construction workers and the highest vacancies nationwide.

      Houston: Houston has a growing real estate market, making construction workers a highly indemand resource.

      Chicago: The Chicago Metro area also ranks highly as a city where construction work is indemand, and the cost of living compared to one’s salary makes for a comfortable life.

      As a durable workwear brand, Kolossus Workwear’s purpose is invested in the wellbeing of the salt-of-the-earth people who keep the country running: Construction workers. We achieve this by equipping construction workers with workwear that is protective, comfortable, and functional to boot. From coveralls to reflective vests, we’ve got everything you need.

      Best Practices During Christmas

      Best Practices During Christmas

      How Safety, A Good Environment, and Strong Company Culture Can Affect Employees

      Despite the craziness associated with their Black Friday sales every year, Best Buy has been ranked by Glassdoor as the 1# place to work for over the holiday season. Here are some reasons why:

      1. A Good Company Culture

      The importance of a good company culture that takes all employees into account (and trains its eaders to support their teams) cannot be ignored.

      2. Career Opportunities

      Nearly half of Best Buy store general managers start out as part-time or seasonal workers. Having opportunities for growth makes those workers come back again to climb the ranks.

      3. High Quality Safety Gear

      When employees feel safe and have the gear that they need to complete their work, job satisfaction and results go up. This includes heavy-duty gear like overalls for those in the warehouse, but it also means providing effective masks and other PPE.

      4. A Good Environment

      Paid time off and encouraging a great workplace environment will give employees the energy they need to bring their best to work every day.

      At Kolossus, we believe that everyone in the demanding industry of construction, ship workers, warehouse workers, welders, and more should have access to high quality safety gear that fits well and values function. Our coveralls are not only protective, but comfortable, and our high vis gear has all the pockets you need to do your job effectively. We want to contribute to your workplace best practices all year long – so discover our product here today.

      Change Of Season, Change of Pace

      Change Of Season, Change of Pace

      How the Winter Season Affects Many Jobs

      Many positions pick up significantly over the festive season and during winter, while others are able to scale back. Here are some examples of how this season is affecting American workers after a difficult two years.

      Truckers and Drivers: Highly in demand for shipping, but also for taxis and delivery purposes as people are gearing up for the holidays.

      Welding: Welding in cold weather is a lot more challenging, as the rapidly cooling metal doesn’t respond as well.

      Ship Workers: Cargo ships are busier than ever after the pandemic. This has put strain on supply chains which are now scrambling to recover.

      Landscapers: Landscapers and garden workers do scale down during the winter season, along with their gardens, to be ready for spring.

      Whether you’re in an industry that is speeding up to accommodate the festive season, or taking time to rest and recharge, now is a good time to restock up on fresh protective workwear from Kolossus. We want you to feel prepared for 2022 with workwear that has deep pockets, adjustable cuffs, and high visibility, with a long-lasting design to boot. Invest now for the entire year. Shop our products here!

      Where Have All The Containers Gone?

      Where Have All The Containers Gone?

      The Shortage Is Dire – And the Struggle is Real

      There’s no denying it – the great pandemic of 2020 (which is still very much alive) has affected almost every industry on Earth. And freight shipping is no exception. The industry is experiencing an unprecedented predicament whereby there is a dire shortage of containers worldwide.

      Unfortunately, this shortage is impacting countless connected supply chains, straining trade globally – mainly in Asia and Europe. But the question remains – where have all these containers gone? The answer could be inland depots, but many are also piling up in cargo ports as well. Others are onboard vessels, particularly on transpacific lines.

      While many containers have headed to Europe and North America from Asia, they haven’t been returning quickly enough. Significant workforce disruptions are affecting not just ports, but nationwide cargo depots and inland transport lines too. Inadequate staffing means containers have been quickly piling up across North America, and tightening borders and customs regulations are only complicating the matter further.

      Looking Ahead

      While the situation is being continually assessed, the container shortage doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. However, by booking cargo as far in advance as possible, while ensuring that strong shipping insurance is in place, companies can enjoy more peace of mind until this global crisis blows over.

      Fun Facts About the Electric Plane

      Fun Facts About the Electric Plane

      Everything You Didn’t Even Know You Needed to Know!

      Electric planes are the future of flying. Since they swooped onto the aviation stage, electric planes have left jet fuel-based aircrafts quivering in their presence. Here are three facts you might not have known about these ground-breaking emission-free aircrafts.

      #1: They Have Big Batteries

      Instead of jet fuel, electric planes use batteries to fire up the engine – but obviously, batteries lack fuel’s density. That’s why electric plane batteries are big. Very big. As in 3.8 metric ton big.

      #2: Less Maintenance

      Seeing as electric motors don’t need gearboxes to bring the engine to a standstill, fuel costs are not just reduced – but eliminated – and maintenance is almost zero, seeing as there is no need for a traditional air-and-fuel mixture to expand and power the plane.

      #3: By Any Other Name…

      There are countless electric planes out there, from UberAir to the Dubai Air Taxi to Lilium – each service a unique purpose in the skies and on the ground.

      While the electric plane sector is still in its infancy, one thing’s for sure – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Be prepared for the future of flying with the most comfortable, breathable, and fashionable mechanic coveralls in the business. If we do say so ourselves.

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