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      4 Landscaping Design Tips For Beginners

      4 Landscaping Design Tips For Beginners

      So, you fancy yourself a landscaping enthusiast and would love to get started...but you have no idea how. Keep reading, because we have four useful tips to get you transforming gardens into Eden in no time!

      1. The Garden Is Just Another Room – It’s useful to think of the garden as you would a room in your house. A lot of the same principles apply, such as designing a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, designing within the limitations of the space, etc.

      2. Location, Location, Location! It’s important to understand where the most sun will be, where the most shade will be, and which plants will be most exposed to the wind and rain. This will help you decide where the plants should go, based on their needs.

      3. Small Beginning For Big Endings – For the best results, take your time and go slow. Start with a single bed and immerse yourself in the process. This will help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to tacking the bigger steps.

      4. Choose The Center Piece – Every garden has some grand feature that brings the entire garden together. A beautiful tree, a stunning water feature, an impressive sculpture – it’s up to you, but let the space guide towards a natural spot for the center piece to go.

        Now Get Gardening!

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