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      News — Overhauling

      Auto Overhauling Hacks for Mechanics: Fun Facts You Need to Know

      Auto Overhauling Hacks for Mechanics: Fun Facts You Need to Know

      We heard from some of the best mechanics in the industry, and when it comes to auto overhauling hacking, here’s what they had to say:

      #1: Grab a Coke

      Coca-Cola is a favorite amongst mechanics – and not just for hydrating. The beverage’s high acidity levels and corrosive action target rust head-on – perfect for almost any vehicle’s exterior.

      #2: Use Washing Soda for Fabric Seats

      This common household staple easily and effectively lifts stubborn stains from fabric seats in cars. Simply mix with a little water and dishwashing liquid, and you’re golden.

      #3: Scrub Headlights With Toothpaste

      Headlights bear a lot of brunt on the road, collecting dirt and grime every time you ride. Thankfully, a little whitening toothpaste brushes dirt right off.

      #4: Add Shine with Hair Conditioner

      Instead of splurging on costly materials to keep your car shining, try hair conditioner. It works wonders.

      #5: Plunge Dents Out

      There’s no need to over-spend – money or energy wise – on dents. Grab a plunger and suction the dent out with minimal effort or time required.

      Got an auto overhauling project coming up? Our customers and friends love wearing our short- sleeve coverall, whether they’re brushing off grime, adding shine, or plunging out dents.

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