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      How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

      How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

      The simplest starting point for selecting interior paint colors is to think about the colors you love. From here, you can see how variations on these colors will work in your interior spaces. Social media sources like Instagram and Pinterest will give you a wide range of decorating options that are likely to inspire you – so take advantage of these platforms!

      Once you have enough colors to choose from, you will need settle on a color scheme. With the use of a color wheel, you can easily see what different combinations of colors will look like together. And don’t underestimate how interesting traditionally “bland” colors can be. You can dress up more neutral colors by adding a pastel-colored ceiling or even a striped wall to create some vibrancy.

      You might also find that the environment outside your home has colors that will work inside. Whether it’s the greens of lush foliage or the blue hues of beach living, you can create an intimate connection with the outdoors just by using your colors cleverly.

      Once you’ve finalized your palette, it’s important to sample your paint first. You need to be sure that the color you imagine will actually look like that on the wall – so do your homework to avoid being disappointed.

      If you’ll be doing the painting yourself – DIY style – don’t start without the perfect long-sleeved coverall and shop our eclectic range today!

      Make Murals As Public Art

      Make Murals As Public Art

      Public murals are the “art of the people” because they make art accessible to everyone. Most public murals carry messages that are important to the community in which they’re found, often containing inspirational or touching scenes that uplift people on a daily basis.

      Murals can be painted on many different materials, including canvas, cement, brick walls, art boards, or wood, and for each material the paint needs to be applied differently. Today, murals are mostly painted using oil or water-based media.

      If you plan on painting a wall yourself, these are the steps you should follow:

      Step 1: Clean the wall and apply a coat of primer.

      Step 2:
      Draw your mural design using the grid method, with a grid on the design and a matching one on the wall to trace it accurately.

      Step 3:
      Use quality acrylic mural paints with a matte finish.

      Step 4:
      Apply a final coat of protective clear varnish.

      Our durable coveralls are perfect for this kind of outdoor, hands-on fun! We have long-sleeved and short-sleeved options to keep you comfortable throughout the process!

      Make Your House A Home: One DIY Tip at A Time

      Make Your House A Home: One DIY Tip at A Time

      Remodeling your home is exciting, it’s nerve-wracking, and it’s a sure-fire way to get the neighbors complaining about your handsaw at 9am on a Saturday. Here are our top three basic DIY tips:

      Cover Everything – Including Yourself

      When you’re painting, crafting, or sanding, you need to protect the things that matter in your home – even you! Use water- and paint-proof covers for furniture, and high-quality coveralls for your clothes and skin. You’ll definitely thank us later.

      Take One Step at A Time

      We know how excited we get when we start a new project. You have a million and one things to get done, and you want to do it all at once. But instead of working on several tasks simultaneously and potentially burning out, rather focus on one task at a time.

      You Don’t Always HAVE to Do It Yourself

      If you’re realizing that upgrading your home’s lighting is a job better suited to a professional, then reach out to a service provider or professional near you. Better yet, ask them to walk you through the process.

      Make DIY feel OMG with Kolossus Workwear!

      FYI, DIYers... Painting Tips and Tricks When You’re Doing it Yourself

      FYI, DIYers... Painting Tips and Tricks When You’re Doing it Yourself

      If you love DIY jobs as much as we do, you’re likely familiar with the basics of painting preparation like laying down drop cloths, stirring paint thoroughly, and using painter’s tape. But there are some other lesser-known DIY painting tips that could help streamline your projects and save your sanity (and clean-up afterwards). Here are our top #3.

      #1: Use a Golf Ball

      Did you know that golf balls help preserve paint quality? Drop a few into your paint to fill air space. You could even put some plastic wrap beneath the lid, tightly seal, and store upside down.

      #2: Heat it Up

      Painter’s tape peeling? Pop the roll in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds. Hey, it works.

      #3: Get a Paint Pen

      Load a paint pen with small amounts of new paint color which you can use for touch-ups later on. Paint pens keep paint fresh for up to a year, but shake well before use for smooth application.

      No matter the DIY project at hand, comfort is key. Click here to check out the Kolossus coverall which 100s of DIYers just like you never start a project without.

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