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      The Funniest Roadworker Puns To Share While At Work

      The Funniest Roadworker Puns To Share While At Work

      Looking for Some Humor While Fixing The Road? We’ve Got You!

      Roadworkers are a vital part of our society. If you’re one, or you know one, why not share these puns to add some lighthearted laughter to the serious business of repairing roads? Also, never forget that anyone working next to a road should wear a safety reflective vest to keep them safe from vehicles. But for now, let’s get punny…

      1: Something To Poke Fun at Signs

      Question: Ever seen those ‘End Road Work. Thank You.’ signs?

      Answer: For years, I thought they were put up by polite anarchist protestors.

      2: A Bar Walks onto A Construction Site…

      No. This joke goes…

      Ever hear about the construction worker who took up a job in a bar rather than doing roadwork?

      He’s a tar-tender now.

      3: Punny: My boss left work and said he was going to ‘hit the road’. I said, ‘don’t hurt your hand’!

      All jokes aside, we at Kolossus take workwear seriously. Very seriously. One of the most important pieces of gear a roadworker can wear is a reflective vest. The neon colors and reflective strips have been scientifically proven to catch motorists’ eyes and make them more cautious.

      Especially when working early in the morning or after dark, roadworkers need motorists to be aware that they’re there. That’s why our reflective gear comes in multiple options! We’ve got everything from a comfortable long-sleeved top, to a vest with handy pockets for cell phones, notebooks, and even a sneaky sandwich – all at affordable prices.

      Why High Visibility Matters

      Why High Visibility Matters

      3 Facts Road Builders Need to Know About

      Did you know that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most fatal occupational injuries at road construction sites are caused by workers being struck by mobile equipment or vehicles? While there’s plenty that factors into this grim statistic, there are three simple ways to prevent tragedy before it strikes.

      #1: Stay Vigilant

      Always look before making any move – even if it’s taking a few steps to one side. Pay close attention to any potential hazards around you at all times, and monitor movement. Try to stand in a space with an unobstructed view of potential hazards, and remember – every road worker is responsible for collectively ensuring that all traffic channeling devices are placed appropriately.

      #2: Slam the Breaks

      Parking breaks must be applied to all equipment. While it might sound obvious, make sure you never stand below any suspended equipment like booms, arms, or buckets. In these areas, it’s crucial to be particularly vigilant.

      #3: High Visibility Clothing

      Road workers are a lot less likely to be struck if they can be seen from afar – and that’s where high-visibility clothing comes in. In fact, many Federal U.S. Government agencies mandate the use of high-visibility clothing on specific construction sites. 

      Ultimately, while you can’t control the careless actions of others, you can – to a large extent – take control of your own safety and well-being. Kolossus Workwear’s High Visibility Clothing Collection makes sure you’re seen from every angle, avoiding disaster before it has a chance to strike.

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