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      Change Of Season, Change of Pace

      Change Of Season, Change of Pace

      How the Winter Season Affects Many Jobs

      Many positions pick up significantly over the festive season and during winter, while others are able to scale back. Here are some examples of how this season is affecting American workers after a difficult two years.

      Truckers and Drivers: Highly in demand for shipping, but also for taxis and delivery purposes as people are gearing up for the holidays.

      Welding: Welding in cold weather is a lot more challenging, as the rapidly cooling metal doesn’t respond as well.

      Ship Workers: Cargo ships are busier than ever after the pandemic. This has put strain on supply chains which are now scrambling to recover.

      Landscapers: Landscapers and garden workers do scale down during the winter season, along with their gardens, to be ready for spring.

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