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      News — workwear

      Your Most Important Tool For DIY Is A Workwear Coverall!

      Your Most Important Tool For DIY Is A Workwear Coverall!

      Protective Clothing Will Keep You Safe

      Kolossus protective clothing is produced to the highest standard to keep you safe from wood dust, chemicals, garden debris, paint, and anything else you use in the process of your DIY. Pull one on over your clothing for easy protection while smashing out a DIY project in the evenings, or wear them on their own.

      Having Fun With Woodwork DIY

      Whether you’re a spring chicken to woodwork or have a wooden thumb, woodwork is a wonderful hobby and way to relax, challenge yourself, and create something tangible that you can use around the house. From sawdust to staining, it’s a messy job, too. A well-sealed workwear coverall will keep the dust out and protect you from getting your clothes damaged, so that you can work without stressing about the mess.

      Are You Busy With A Paint Job?

      Painting your dream home, the rocking horse you just made, or even a bedroom cabinet can be risky. Making a space or item your own is a wonderful part of the home decorating process, but the clean-up is the lesser fun part. Take the stress out of the entire paint job with a pair of workwear coveralls that are made to get full of paint.

      We know how satisfying it is to get stuck into a DIY project. That’s why we want you to do so safely and mess-free with protective clothing that has your back (and front). Check out our workwear coveralls with both long and short sleeves for every DIY project.

      Best Practices During Christmas

      Best Practices During Christmas

      How Safety, A Good Environment, and Strong Company Culture Can Affect Employees

      Despite the craziness associated with their Black Friday sales every year, Best Buy has been ranked by Glassdoor as the 1# place to work for over the holiday season. Here are some reasons why:

      1. A Good Company Culture

      The importance of a good company culture that takes all employees into account (and trains its eaders to support their teams) cannot be ignored.

      2. Career Opportunities

      Nearly half of Best Buy store general managers start out as part-time or seasonal workers. Having opportunities for growth makes those workers come back again to climb the ranks.

      3. High Quality Safety Gear

      When employees feel safe and have the gear that they need to complete their work, job satisfaction and results go up. This includes heavy-duty gear like overalls for those in the warehouse, but it also means providing effective masks and other PPE.

      4. A Good Environment

      Paid time off and encouraging a great workplace environment will give employees the energy they need to bring their best to work every day.

      At Kolossus, we believe that everyone in the demanding industry of construction, ship workers, warehouse workers, welders, and more should have access to high quality safety gear that fits well and values function. Our coveralls are not only protective, but comfortable, and our high vis gear has all the pockets you need to do your job effectively. We want to contribute to your workplace best practices all year long – so discover our product here today.

      Something New is In the Air

      Something New is In the Air

      The Latest Air Filters for Post-COVID Flights

      It’s no secret that COVID-19 changed the way we travel, forever. Airplane powerhouses are more aware than ever of the need for more advanced cabin air filtration, seeing as hundreds of people are breathing the same, recycled oxygen for hours on end. With serious concerns about the coronavirus spreading throughout cabin air, the European Aviation Safety Association (EASA) recently published a safety guidance bulletin. Here are three suggestions every mechanic needs to know:

      #1: Industrial-Grade HEPA Filters

      High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can be installed in aircrafts, but recirculation fans should “never be stopped”. These circulate cabin air in its entirety in about 2-4 minutes, capturing a minimum of 99.7% of airborne pathogens.

      #2: Avoiding Blocked Vents

      This is crucial when it comes to maximizing air flow and preventing the spread of contamination. It’s recommended that recirculation and fresh air systems be operated to exchange the entire cabin’s air volume ahead of time before passengers board.

      #3: Ending Recirculation Entirely

      While it sounds extreme, if a plane’s re-circulation system doesn’t contribute towards critical functionality in-flight, then the potential to keep SARS-Cov-2 particles stagnant will prevent them from being captured by the aircraft’s filtration system.

      Catching a flight is clearly no longer as simple as, well, catching a flight. Aircraft mechanics have their work cut out for them more than ever before. If you’re one of them, don’t make another move without our short-sleeve coverall. With comfort and breathability guaranteed, you can get the job done with confidence.

      What Every Plumber Needs to Know

      What Every Plumber Needs to Know

      3 Pro Tips for Pro Plumbers

      Pipe wrench? Check. Basin wrench? Check. Hacksaw? Check. You might think you have everything you need in your plumber’s toolbox, but if you lack these three items, your reputation could go down the drain.

      #1: Plumber’s Torch

      Your iPhone’s light isn’t enough. To effectively illuminate precise areas when sealing and soldering copper pipes for example, you need a professional plumber’s torch – a small, handheld source of light that no plumber should be without.

      #2: Goggles

      Disaster happens when we least expect it – like hot water leaks in our eyes just when we’re up close and personal. Avoid unnecessary medical bills with professional plumber’s eyewear.

      #3: Quality Coveralls

      Boost your professionalism while protecting your skin and making sure that you avoid the dreaded plumber’s crack. At Kolossus Workwear, we have the comfortable, breathable, durable, and professional short-sleeve coveralls you’ve been searching for.

      Plumbers are unsung heroes of society, and you deserve to look and feel comfortable and confident on-the-job. Shop our range of industry-leading plumber’s coveralls today to stay safe, stay cozy, and stay stylish.

      It’s Time to Come Clean

      It’s Time to Come Clean

      Dust-Free, Dirt-Free, Come Summer, Winter and Beyond

      PV solar panels are hailed for being relatively low-maintenance for home-owners. But with drastic weather shifts, rain, wind, bird droppings, and dust everywhere all the time, you could experience more than a dirty solar panel. Your panel’s ability to generate power could literally be compromised. Thankfully, you don’t need to fork out thousands on professional PV solar panel cleaners. Here are three simple steps to clean your PV solar panels yourself, today..

      #1: Gentle Brushing

      Start by loosening visible debris on the surface using a soft brush.

      #2: Spray Away

      Whip out the garden hose to blast away grim. Avoid high-pressure sprayers which could cause damage to your solar panel and, in turn, your investment.

      #3: Soft Cloth Wipe 

      Cover a long-handled wiper with a soft cloth to scrub those hard-to-reach corners and prevent grime from accumulating.

      Don’t forget to only work on your solar panel when it’s overcast – hot panels can really ruin your day (and your skin…) and always wear high-quality coveralls like ours here at Kolossus workwear to keep safe on the job…and on your solar panels. How are you keeping your panels clean and grime-free? We’d love to hear your own tips and tricks for safe and effective solar panel cleaning. Start a conversation below!

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