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      Paint the Town…Solar?

      Paint the Town…Solar?

      The Magic of Solar Paint

       Yes, you read that right. Otherwise known as photovoltaic paint, solar paint is being hailed worldwide as the future of solar. And what is it, you ask? It’s exactly what its name suggests – apply it to any surface, and solar paint will capture the sun’s energy and convert it into actual electricity you can use in your home or office space.

       How Does It Work?

      The paint itself is engineered with billions of light-sensitive materials which are suspended in the liquid. While the concept is still relatively new, solar paint is set to empower home-owners and businesses to leverage the potential of solar energy with fast, easy, and cheap installation.

      Why Isn’t It Mainstream Yet?

      The thing about solar paint is that its solar energy capture ranges from about 3% to around 8%. For example, solar paint with 6% efficiency means it captures around 6% of the sun’s available energy. Seeing as conventional silicon solar panels recently hit 20% efficiency, it’s clear to see that solar paint technology still has a long way to go.

      Looking Ahead

      While it’ll probably be a few months or years before solar paint reaches your home, we can already get excited and start planning for its widespread implementation. Whether you’ll be painting the house solar next year or painting your pantry this weekend, don’t make another move without Kolossus Workwear’s coveralls in your DIY arsenal. Our promise is to keep you safe on the job, so explore our range today.

      Anchors Aweigh…


      With 6 Fun Facts To Make Your Day!

      Living and working at sea is certainly not for sissies. In honor of the brave men and women who risk the unknown, we thought it would interesting to learn more about this dangerous profession.

      1. Ships Make The World Go Round – Did you know that 90% of all goods are transported by ship? That’s right, without their services we would all have severely limited options.

      2. They Can Go The Distance – In a single year, container ships travel on average a distance that is the same as 75% of the way to the moon and back! Talk about a long journey…

      3. The Biggest Fleets In The World – Currently, Germany, Japan, and Greece have the largest fleets on Earth.

      4. It’s A Man’s World – Did you know that only 2% of the “seamen” are seawomen?

      5. Out Of Touch – Only 10% of ships have some sort of internet access, while approximately 33% of ship crews across the world have no way to communicate. Now that’s real risk.

      6. Your Eco-Friendly Option – The positive thing about transporting goods via ship is that it’s the most environmentally safe form of transport compared to trucks and railways.

      At Kolossus Workwear, we want to make sure that workers wear clothes that are as tough as they are. We only stock high-quality materials to create long-sleeved coveralls that are perfect for men who work at sea. Whether you need them to have pockets, adjustable cuffs, or enhanced visibility, click here we can provide what you’re looking for.

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