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      3 Ways to Keep Your Car Running Like New

      3 Ways to Keep Your Car Running Like New

      Maintain Your Ride’s Showroom Quality for Years to Come

      It’s no secret that cars depreciate in value the moment you drive one off the showroom floor. But just because you’ve had yours a few years now, doesn’t mean you have to brace the expense of a new one. If you still want to squeeze a few more thousand miles out of your motorized companion, here’s how you can keep your car running like new.

      1: Change the Oil

      Routine oil changes slip all of our minds, but neglect could cost you. Our cars need fresh oil to prevent overheating, so be sure to make a habit of getting your oil checked whenever you fill the tank.

      2: Keep Driving

      A lot of people think they’re doing their car a favor by leaving it in the garage and not driving it too often. But on the contrary – keeping the parts and fluid warm keeps your ride in shape. Drive regularly, but sensibly.

      3: Don’t Rev the Engine

      While it’s tempting, gunning the engine when you start your car places unnecessary strain on the vehicle. This is particularly important if it’s cold out – your car needs time to warm up if you want to avoid damage. This extends to the roads too. Don’t be too aggressive on your poor pedals.


      Checking your car yourself at home? Make sure you have quality coveralls. Ours are available in a rainbow of colors and sizes, so check ‘em out!

      Top DIY Home Improvement Ideas

      Top DIY Home Improvement Ideas

      No Need to Call the Pros

      A homeowner’s job is never complete. When one project is done, there’s always another beckoning you to get a move on. Thankfully, many of these projects do not require the presence of professionals. Save time and money by doing these 5 DIY home improvement projects yourself!

      1: Bookcase Makeover

      You don’t need much to make your bookcase look good as new. Consider painting the back wall a feature color, buff the shelves for old dirt and debris, and give the shelves a fresh coat. Easy.

      2: Paint the Ceiling

      There are more than four walls in your home. Don’t forget about the fifth wall – the ceiling! But white isn’t the only color on the palette. Consider blues, silvers, or even pastel tones depending on the theme of the room.

      3: Revive the Fireplace

      If you have one, bring your fireplace into the 21st century with a few DIY modifications. You could paint the brick another color, add a mantelpiece, and don’t forget to accessorize. You could even add an accent wall or clad your fireplace yourself.

      4: Think Outside the Box

      Just look at Holly Golightly’s bathtub sofa in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Try moving away from the expected, and think of unconventional ideas for each room in your home. Why not reupholster your furniture with unique prints that speak to your personality?

      5. Exterior Architectural Detail

      First impressions matter – and your home’s exterior is no exception. Thankfully, a little caulking goes a long way when upgrading your home’s canvas. You could also paint any exposed brick – one of the most affordable ways to update and upgrade your property.


      We’re excited to see what you get up to this season. Remember to share your DIY home improvement project results with us. Need to dress for the part? Check out our range of coveralls to stay comfy and protect your clothes while you work.

      The Leather Spectrum

      The Leather Spectrum

      The Pros, the Cons, and Everything In-Between

      “Leather is Leather”. A statement that simply isn’t true, no matter how you spin it. Essentially, there are four different types of leather out there, and these include:

      1: Full-Grain Leather

      Sourced from the top layer of the hide, full-grain leather – as its name suggests – comes with all the grain. It retains its intrinsic toughness, imperfections, and character, making it the best choice in the leather realm.

      2: Top-Grain Leather

      As the second highest leather grade, top-grain leather is sourced by splitting the skin’s top layer from the blemished hides. The surface is then sanded to eliminate imperfections. While this promises a more consistent aesthetic, it sacrifices the integrity of the original leather look.

      3: Corrected Grain Leather

      Otherwise known as split or genuine leather, corrected grain leather uses the skin layers remaining once the top is split off. This type of leather is tougher than most others, generally used for applications where softness isn’t a priority. The main con is that the heavy processing compromises the leather’s inherent breathability.

      4: Bonded Leather

      Made using the “leftovers” of the hide, like shavings and dust, bonded leather is the cheapest and lowers of all leather grades. While it’s great for things like furniture and bookbinding, you normally won’t be able to determine how much of the leather is natural unless the manufacturer discloses it.


      At Kolossus Workwear, we use the Top Grain leather for your peace of mind. Click here to explore our range of quality workwear now.

      The Rise of E-commerce

      The Rise of E-commerce

      And What it Means for You

      The way we live, work, and shop has changed forever. Gone are the days of fighting traffic to get to the shops, to maybe find what you’re looking for – then stand in a queue to infinity to pay for it. Today, over two billion people shop online. Perhaps you’re one of them. Here are 5 reasons why the shift to ecommerce is a good thing, especially if you want to shop quality leather workwear online.

      1: It Saves Time

      Like we said: No more spending time in traffic or fighting through a physical store. Ordering online can save you hours of precious time. In fact, certain studies suggest that it’s actually cheaper to get things delivered, seeing as the time you’re saving is worth more than nominal delivery fees.

      2: Lower Prices

      Shopping online allows you to purchase directly from producers, skipping the middlemen who are notorious for putting hefty markups on your favorite products.

      3: Informed Decisions

      Shopping online lets you access a lot more information about a product before you buy. This is particularly important given the Consumer Protection Law, where you have the right to know a product’s quality, purity, quantity, and the like. When shopping online, online stores offer all of this information to educate you before you make a purchase.

      Kolossus makes it easier than ever to shop quality leather workwear online, saving you time, money, energy, and – of course – sanity. Click here to explore our range of quality workwear today!


      The Magic of Colombian Leather

      The Magic of Colombian Leather

      And Why You Should Care

      Is Colombian leather good? It’s a question we hear every day, and the answer is – yes it is. Known as “Little Italy” since the ‘90s, Colombia has an international rep for producing the highest quality leather goods on the planet. Here’s why we love Colombian leather, and why you should too.

      1: It’s Premium Quality

      Colombia’s cattle industry is always growing, empowering the nation to consistently produce the highest quality leather products in the world. The climate and altitude in Colombia gives its hides a very distinct feel that’s unique to the region. Colombian leather is thicker, contains fewer insect bites, and only gets more beautiful with time.

      2: It’s Backed by Tradition

      Colombia has a long and winding history of leather creation. Native Colombian tribes would use animal skin to fend off the cold, coupled with animal grease to prevent the leather from hardening. Over time, time-tested secrets like these helped Colombian leather build its global reputation.

      3: It’s Authentic

      While there’s no shortage of leather companies worldwide, Colombia is one of the only nations that said no to machinery, mass manufacturing, and unauthentic processes. Colombian leather is produced by true artisans, who adhere to time-tested tactics passed down through the generations.


      Honestly, the only way to experience the Colombian leather difference is to put it to the test yourself. Check out our Colombian leather belts here for the quality, tradition, and authenticity you deserve.

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