Did you ever think how different places look with plants and flowers? It doesn't matter where you live, gardening is always a good idea to give spaces other looks and make them come to life. And the best part is that you don't have to be a professional in the field to build your own garden, with these 6 basic tips you'll be ready to start a garden that actually grows:

  1. Location, location, location! Choose your site very carefully. It should be somewhere you’ll see regularly, with enough light and shade for the kinds of plants you plan to grow.

  2. Water is life. Plant your new garden near a good water source.

  3. Lay the groundwork. Your starting point is to provide nutritious, well-drained soil.

  4. Make sure they match. The plants you choose to grow must match the growing conditions. Think about the amount of sun and rain you get, as well as which plants grow best in your area.

  5. It’s a date. Do some digging to find out your average first and last frost dates. If you plant your plants too early or too late in the season, you could lose before you’ve even started.

  6. Give your plants a boost. Use high-quality plant food to give your plants that extra surge of nutrition they need to keep them incredibly healthy.

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