Paintball is a game of a different breed. It’s rough, it’s fast, and it’s the most colorful way to shoot your friends in the chest. Here are some facts you might not have known about your favorite game:

No Time to Dye

Paintball dye not only leaves bright evidence of a day well spent, but it also might stain your lighter clothes for much longer than you’d like. Instead of spending your Saturday at the laundromat, protect your clothes with coveralls.

Older Than You’d Think

Did you know that the game of paintball was invented in the ‘70s by Daisy and Crosma – making it more than 50 years old? Although, back then it was a little different. Check out the next tip to see why.

Get Down, Ya Filthy Animals

Paintball guns were originally used by foresters to mark trees and animals from a distance thanks to their visibility and accuracy over longer distances.

If you’re ready to shoot in coveralls that are as tough as you are, then check them out here and get your very own pair.

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