The Importance of PPE Gloves for Construction Workers
The list of accessories that construction workers need is by no means short, but gloves should always be at the top. It’s crucial to protect your hands and fingers from all the weird and wild things that can happen on-site. From cuts to chemical exposure to electrical shocks, gloves are crucial to prevent injuries at work.
But the sad reality is that poor fitting gloves account for 30% of hand injuries on-site. It’s true: Bad gloves can put construction workers in more danger than not wearing gloves at all. While effectively protecting construction worker hands isn’t easy, it’s not impossible.
Kolossus Workwear is proud to introduce the latest addition to its collection of personal protective gear: PPE gloves for construction workers. If there’s anyone that understands the importance of PPE gloves, it’s us. That’s why ours are designed to:
  • Fit like a second skin
  • Empower you to do your job safely and with full range of motion
  • Prevent cramps, blisters, and other potentially dangerous issues
  • Keep your hands clean and protected against cuts and abrasions
  • Be lightweight yet tough against heat and chemical spills

To explore our brand-new range of PPE gloves for construction workers, click here now.

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