If you love DIY jobs as much as we do, you’re likely familiar with the basics of painting preparation like laying down drop cloths, stirring paint thoroughly, and using painter’s tape. But there are some other lesser-known DIY painting tips that could help streamline your projects and save your sanity (and clean-up afterwards). Here are our top #3.

#1: Use a Golf Ball

Did you know that golf balls help preserve paint quality? Drop a few into your paint to fill air space. You could even put some plastic wrap beneath the lid, tightly seal, and store upside down.

#2: Heat it Up

Painter’s tape peeling? Pop the roll in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds. Hey, it works.

#3: Get a Paint Pen

Load a paint pen with small amounts of new paint color which you can use for touch-ups later on. Paint pens keep paint fresh for up to a year, but shake well before use for smooth application.

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