No Need to Call the Pros

A homeowner’s job is never complete. When one project is done, there’s always another beckoning you to get a move on. Thankfully, many of these projects do not require the presence of professionals. Save time and money by doing these 5 DIY home improvement projects yourself!

1: Bookcase Makeover

You don’t need much to make your bookcase look good as new. Consider painting the back wall a feature color, buff the shelves for old dirt and debris, and give the shelves a fresh coat. Easy.

2: Paint the Ceiling

There are more than four walls in your home. Don’t forget about the fifth wall – the ceiling! But white isn’t the only color on the palette. Consider blues, silvers, or even pastel tones depending on the theme of the room.

3: Revive the Fireplace

If you have one, bring your fireplace into the 21st century with a few DIY modifications. You could paint the brick another color, add a mantelpiece, and don’t forget to accessorize. You could even add an accent wall or clad your fireplace yourself.

4: Think Outside the Box

Just look at Holly Golightly’s bathtub sofa in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Try moving away from the expected, and think of unconventional ideas for each room in your home. Why not reupholster your furniture with unique prints that speak to your personality?

5. Exterior Architectural Detail

First impressions matter – and your home’s exterior is no exception. Thankfully, a little caulking goes a long way when upgrading your home’s canvas. You could also paint any exposed brick – one of the most affordable ways to update and upgrade your property.


We’re excited to see what you get up to this season. Remember to share your DIY home improvement project results with us. Need to dress for the part? Check out our range of coveralls to stay comfy and protect your clothes while you work.


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