Cycling can quickly become a dangerous hobby when motorists don’t pay attention. Well, we have ways and means of making drivers take note – thanks to high-visibility wear that commands attention wherever you go.

Clinking A Glass to High Visibility

Did you know that hi-vis reflective tape is made using glass beads? These beads reflect brightly when light is shined on them – whether it’s from the sun on a hot day, or a driver sharing the road with you.

Saving A Life in Three Seconds

Research shows that drivers tend to see hi-vis gear three seconds sooner than any other type of clothing, particularly when driving at night. Those three short seconds could make all the difference when it comes to staying safe, alert, and visible on the roads.

Safety Is Stylish

You don’t need to shop at a cycling store to get hi-vis cycling gear. Brands like Kolossus Workwear create safety clothing that works as well in construction as it does on top of a Norco.

Stay safe, stay fast, and stay visible with Kolossus’s high-visibility wear! 


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