The Shortage Is Dire – And the Struggle is Real

There’s no denying it – the great pandemic of 2020 (which is still very much alive) has affected almost every industry on Earth. And freight shipping is no exception. The industry is experiencing an unprecedented predicament whereby there is a dire shortage of containers worldwide.

Unfortunately, this shortage is impacting countless connected supply chains, straining trade globally – mainly in Asia and Europe. But the question remains – where have all these containers gone? The answer could be inland depots, but many are also piling up in cargo ports as well. Others are onboard vessels, particularly on transpacific lines.

While many containers have headed to Europe and North America from Asia, they haven’t been returning quickly enough. Significant workforce disruptions are affecting not just ports, but nationwide cargo depots and inland transport lines too. Inadequate staffing means containers have been quickly piling up across North America, and tightening borders and customs regulations are only complicating the matter further.

Looking Ahead

While the situation is being continually assessed, the container shortage doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. However, by booking cargo as far in advance as possible, while ensuring that strong shipping insurance is in place, companies can enjoy more peace of mind until this global crisis blows over.

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