And Why High Visibility Vests Can Save Lives

If you work near a road, at the airport, on the railway, or as event security, you need a wear high vis clothes to make you visible to motorists, planes, and other security workers.

Law Enforcement and Traffic Police: If you’re working near busy roads, motorists need to see you for their and your safety. Make sure your high visibility vest has plenty of pockets for pens, notebooks, and the like.

Construction: The human eye recognizes bright, moving colors best. This keeps everyone on a construction site safe from drivers and visible when using large equipment.

Road Cleaners or Workers: As an essential part of keeping roads clean and safe, road workers need high visibility vests that are breathable and filled with pockets.

Airport Ground Personnel: Safe in low light and daylight, high visibility vests keep airport ground personnel visible from the tower as well as from planes taxiing or landing.

Is there a job that we didn’t mention here that uses high vis clothes? We’ve got comfortable, breathable high vis tops and vests for all careers, as well as other high quality safety gear. Shop our products now.

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