With 6 Fun Facts To Make Your Day!

Living and working at sea is certainly not for sissies. In honor of the brave men and women who risk the unknown, we thought it would interesting to learn more about this dangerous profession.

1. Ships Make The World Go Round – Did you know that 90% of all goods are transported by ship? That’s right, without their services we would all have severely limited options.

2. They Can Go The Distance – In a single year, container ships travel on average a distance that is the same as 75% of the way to the moon and back! Talk about a long journey…

3. The Biggest Fleets In The World – Currently, Germany, Japan, and Greece have the largest fleets on Earth.

4. It’s A Man’s World – Did you know that only 2% of the “seamen” are seawomen?

5. Out Of Touch – Only 10% of ships have some sort of internet access, while approximately 33% of ship crews across the world have no way to communicate. Now that’s real risk.

6. Your Eco-Friendly Option – The positive thing about transporting goods via ship is that it’s the most environmentally safe form of transport compared to trucks and railways.

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