3 DIY Solar Projects for the Home-DIYer

No plans this weekend? If you love DIY as much as we do – and you’re keen on saving a few bucks by exploring the potential of solar – put these three DIY solar projects to the test this weekend.

#1: Mini Solar Panels

Shopping list: 10 solar cells, USB micro-jack + cable, plastic cover, wire for solar cells, backup battery charger, 2 component glues for plastics, and transparent nail polish. In just one hour, you can create your own neat little solar panel to charge phones, the kids’ toys, or any other small devices. The online tutorials available to you are endless.

#2: Off-the-Grid Air Con

Shopping list: 800w worth of panels, pure sine wave inverter (1500w), 6x golf cart batteries, and an MPPT solar charge controller. While this installation doesn’t come cheap, it’s a long-term investment to saving bug bucks on energy annually. Search YouTube for a long list of tutorials.

#3: Solar Food Dehydrator

With some metal hinges, metal mesh, and a door clasp, you can enjoy the fruits of your own labor all year around – without paying the hefty energy bill you would traditionally. Again, YouTube is your best friend for DIY solar project guidance.

These are just a handful of the ideas you can put to the test this weekend. Click here to check out the Kolossus range of coveralls which 100s of DIYers trust when working on their own solar DIY projects from home. Ready to join ‘em?

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