Let it Go Already

Ditch the Cables and Leverage Solar Power Wirelessly

 Solar panels are nothing new, but their ability to charge your devices wirelessly is – and here’s how you can make your own solar-powered wireless charger, at home, today.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need basic wires, 2 AA rechargeable batteries, a wireless charging kit, a 6 volt solar panel, micro USB charging cable, a 1n904 diode, an AA battery holder with both positive and negative wires, and a 5V USB charging circuit.

Step #2: Circuit & Soldering

  1. Solder the 1n904 diode to the wire (repeat for other wires)
  2. Solder the 1N904 wire to the solar panel’s positive side.
  3. With the battery pack, solder the two leads to the two 1N904 wires which connect to the panel (positive to positive, negative to…you get it).
  4. Solder the 5V USB charging circuit to the battery pack’s negative and positive leads.
  5. Check voltages with a multimeter. If the USB’s LED lights up, well done.
  6. Store your contraption in a small bowl or shell.
  7. Use hot glue to fix the panel to the enclosure’s base.
  8. Zip-tie wires together to reduce clutter.
  9. Connect your wireless charging pad to the circuit with your USB cable.
  10. Enjoy!

Ready to create your own wireless solar charger? Our customers love wearing our short-sleeve coverall to tackle their weekend DIY solar projects. Got any more to share? Let us know below!

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