New Increase In Freight Demand And A Lack Of Drivers

The U.S. has a trucker shortage that is growing every year due to retirements as well as increased weight demand. Trucking can be a demanding job, but there are some perks too. Here is why you might want to be a trucker:

Anyone Can Be A Truck Driver

Trucking doesn’t require a 4-year tertiary qualification, and it takes everyone from fresh out of high-school kids to retirees looking for another career. Some people enter trucking to get out of working office jobs that often have very similar salaries anyway.

There Are Many Industries That Need Truck Drivers

It’s not just retail outlets looking for shipping. As a truck driver, you could choose to work in remote areas for logging and forestry companies, or you could work for FedEx. FedEx, for example, has the second highest ranking as one of the best companies to work for.

You’ll Be Part of An Essential Industry

Without truckers, nothing moves. The trucking industry transport over 65% of the USA’s consumable goods, and without it, massive supply chain disruptions are inevitable.

The trucking industry requires long hours. To stay comfortable and protected in all weather, we recommend one of our coveralls. Don’t forget your high visibility vest for when you need to stop and do anything next to the road.

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