Planning To Commute To Work? Stay Safe With Kolossus

Bike commuting has almost doubled over the last two decades. If you’re looking to increase your fitness, save fuel, and save yourself time in traffic, you’ll need high quality safety gear! The first thing on your list should be a helmet, but the second should be a high visibility vest. Here’s why high visibility matters:

Prevent Accidents Or Injuries

Traffic is hectic enough as it is, without worrying that motorists won’t be able to see you. Especially if you plan to ride during dusk or dawn, when visibility is low, it’s vital that you make yourself as noticeable as possible.

Why Neon – And Why Green, Yellow, Orange And Red – And Not Other Colors?

Our eyes respond best to very bright colors, and florescent green, yellow, orange, and red aremost visible in low light. Colors like pink or blue don’t provide enough contrast with the environment around them to be considered high vis.

How Does it Work?

High vis gear is made using florescent pigments that were first developed in the 1930s to make magical art in the entertainment industry. Now, it’s used all over the world to keep road workers, construction workers, and cyclists safe.

Wearing a high visibility vest or other high vis gear like ankle and knee reflectors makes you 94% more likely to be seen on the road, according to a 2012 study. Keep yourself safe with our functional high vis gear that also has pockets!

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