High-visibility attire, or Hi-Vi for short, is essential for night workers’ safety. Whether you work in the electrical, industrial, construction, or utility field, Hi-Vis are crucial for low-light conditions for several reasons. Here are a few things night workers should know.

#1: People Can See You Clearly
This one might seem obvious, but it’s so important to alert fellow equipment operators and drivers of your location. This is particularly important in hazardous locations like roadways or dark areas where drivers might not see you.

#2: Hi-Vis Prevent Injuries
If people can’t see you, there’s no reason for them to slow down or cease operation. Hi-Vi clothing creates a stark contrast between your body and your surroundings, which is, in most cases, impossible to miss.

#3: Yellow and Orange are Best
According to The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the three most acceptable colors for hi-vi clothing include orange, red, and fluorescent lime, as these offer high visibility in daylight and after hours.

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