Equip Your Workwear With These 4 DIY Accessories

Let’s face it – workwear can be expensive. Don’t want to make a dent in your wallet? Consider these DIY options which you can piece together right now!

• Custom Patches – Have sewing experience? Thread together a set of patches that represent the company you work for. Need some extra help? Get to a local sewist and let them put a patch together in moments!

• Workwear Gloves – Having your fingers fully covered during heavy-duty work is impractical. Want to have flexible gloves as the nature of your work shifts? Take some heavy-duty gloves and snip the top of the fingers off as you see fit.

• Item Holder – Scared of losing possessions from your pockets? A quick fix is available. Simply attach a chain with a double-sided clasp to your belt and item. Move around with ease without losing your goods.

• From Sports To Safety – Your first priority when on the worksite? Safety. Don’t have the resources to acquire industry-specific safety wear? Baseball and cricket codpieces and shin pads can double as efficient on-site protection. Just take off the logos, give it your company’s spin, and you’re good to go!

Not the DIY type? Kolossus sells affordable workwear in a range of types and styles. Check it out!

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