Did you know that every last Monday of May, is one of the most important days in The United States of America, as it is celebrated as the "Memorial Day"?

 But what is the complete story behind this day? What actually led it to become the “Memorial Day”? Let’s find out.

 The story goes back to the time when, the U.S. Civil War happened (1861 – 1865) and around 620,000 soldiers lost their lives, making it The War in which the “largest number of U.S. soldiers have fallen in a battle, many of them being immigrants”.

 Thanks to the tradition through which the citizens of America used to show their tribute to their warriors by placing flowers on their graves. Towards the end of the century, almost the entire country proclaimed the last Monday of May to be Memorial Day and an official holiday.

 The U.S. Congress established this date as a national holiday in 1967 by the decision of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Then in 1971, the U.S. Congress passed the National Holidays Act and it was decided that Memorial Day would be commemorated on the last Monday of every May.

 In the year 2000, a resolution was passed called Memorial Day, which calls on all Americans to pause their activities to honour all warriors at 3 p.m. (local time in every state), and say a prayer for America and all of the nation's heroes.

 From Kolossus Workwear, we join in to commemorate our heroes. We invite you to call for reflection and thank our soldiers for all they have done for America. It is our day to spend with our family and officially welcome the long-awaited summer season.

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