And Why You Should Care

Is Colombian leather good? It’s a question we hear every day, and the answer is – yes it is. Known as “Little Italy” since the ‘90s, Colombia has an international rep for producing the highest quality leather goods on the planet. Here’s why we love Colombian leather, and why you should too.

1: It’s Premium Quality

Colombia’s cattle industry is always growing, empowering the nation to consistently produce the highest quality leather products in the world. The climate and altitude in Colombia gives its hides a very distinct feel that’s unique to the region. Colombian leather is thicker, contains fewer insect bites, and only gets more beautiful with time.

2: It’s Backed by Tradition

Colombia has a long and winding history of leather creation. Native Colombian tribes would use animal skin to fend off the cold, coupled with animal grease to prevent the leather from hardening. Over time, time-tested secrets like these helped Colombian leather build its global reputation.

3: It’s Authentic

While there’s no shortage of leather companies worldwide, Colombia is one of the only nations that said no to machinery, mass manufacturing, and unauthentic processes. Colombian leather is produced by true artisans, who adhere to time-tested tactics passed down through the generations.


Honestly, the only way to experience the Colombian leather difference is to put it to the test yourself. Check out our Colombian leather belts here for the quality, tradition, and authenticity you deserve.

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