The World’s Busiest Airports – And Which Has the Most Traffic

Looking for the world’s best airports? We’ve got you covered! These are the top five airports in the world, according to the World Airport Awards.

1. The World’s Best Airport Staff Award goes to… Singapore!

This means that their staff were voted the friendliest and most efficient in the entire world! Airport staff include everyone from customer service, to immigration and security staff, to bag handlers.

2. The World’s Cleanest Airport Award goes to… Japan!

Airports were evaluated based on their bathrooms, floors, railings, and counter cleanliness levels. The cleanest airport in America was Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky…would you have guessed?

3. The World’s Busiest Airport Award goes to… Atlanta!

This award was based on the number of passengers passing through the airport. The winning airport saw 75 million passengers in 2021.

4. The World’s BEST Airport Award goes to… Doha!

Doha is one of the most beautifully architecturally-designed airports in the world. It also offers passengers one of the most luxurious airport experiences available to average joes like us!


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