After Two Years of Working From Home For Many, “Business Casual” Is Getting A Makeover

Countless people are still working from home in 2022, meaning that tight, uncomfortable clothes are out, and clothing that’s as much like pajamas as possible are in! While construction workers, doctors, and other hands-on professions have always known that your workwear should be comfortable and functional (just like all of Kolossus’s workwear is), the rest of the world is finally catching on.

So, whether you’re a construction manager or you work in a warehouse office, what should you wear to work in 2022?

1: A Neat Shirt:

Kolossus offers customizable collared shirts that are durable, practical, and professional for men and women in warehouses, factories, and construction management.

2: Workwear Pants:

Workwear pants have the advantage of being able to be paired with a button-down for a more professional look, while still being extremely functional. Kolossus workwear pants have practical pockets and are available in easy to mix-and-match colors.

At Kolossus, we pride ourselves on long-lasting workwear that’s affordable and fits the needs of our unique customers. We also offer scrubs and coveralls, as well as high viz vests, to provide for all your workwear needs.

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